5th LIVE IT hackathon

5th LIVE IT hackathon

LIVE IT (Living Labs & Open Toolkit for the co-design of accessible computer systems and tools to support people with cognitive disabilities) is a research project co-funded by the European Union and is about digital accessibility of people with cognitive disabilities. It aims to create an online community of people interested in or working in the field of internet access without exclusions. The open online community of the project is available through the following link (makerspace).

As part of our desire to collaborate and share experiences and ideas with policy makers, developers, professionals and other stakeholders, we invite you to participate in the 5th online Final Hackathon that will be held from 20/5 to 27/5.  The theme of the 5th Hackathon will be “Accessible support and instructions”.

Regarding the 5th Hackathon, please, follow the steps below:

  1. For your participation, please fill in the registration form of the 5th Hackathon at: or provide the researcher that invited you to LIVE IT and the 5th Hackathon with your contact information and email address
  2. The 5th Hackathon starts on 20/05/2022 at 12 GMT. To connect to this session (with duration of about 1 hour), please follow the following link: During this session, the LIVE IT toolkit will be presented ( and an online discussion will be held with the participants to explain the purpose, the procedures and to answer your questions
  3. The Hackathon has 2 main themes:
    • Accessible Support and Instructions – targeted at end-users:
      • Skills/Competences and Specific Tools with audiovisual support – digital skills training
      • Human/personalized support Versus Robotic/Automatic support
    • Open Toolkit Validation – targeted at professionals, researchers, IT experts and Designers (digital / content)
  1. The 5th Hackathon involves 2 sessions 7 days apart (the closing meeting is on 27/05/2022, the exact time will be announced soon and shared with you) and in between, the participants will have the opportunity to interact with the toolkit and prepare in any format (apart from the oral, e.g., Word document, PowerPoint presentation, infographic, video, notes on paper) an innovative idea according to the theme / participant target group
  2. During the Final Conference of the LIVE IT project on 27/05/2022 with duration of 2 hour (connect using the following link, the improvement ideas of the 5th Hackathon will be presented by the participating teams and 4 of them will be awarded (all coming from the end-users participants – tablets are to be given to schools / organisations / associations in the field). The selection will take place after the end of the event by the evaluation committee and will be announced to winners.
  3. The 4 selected ideas will be awarded with 1 tablet each.

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